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Patient Information
MedEx Direct is committed to ensuring that we have accurate information for each patient. We need your help to meet this goal. Please fill out the following:
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*Patient's Name
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Drug Allergies
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Responsible Party / Caregiver Information
Responsible Party/Caregiver is an individual who is either helping to manage health care or finances for a patient. He/she is someone who is directly involved in making decisions and/or payments.
Caregiver's Name
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Prescription Insurance Information
*Prescription Insurance
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Medication Information
Current Pharmacy
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Acknowledgment of Receipt of the Notice of Privacy Practice
Federal regulations require that MedEx Direct obtain proof that customers have received the Notice of Privacy Practices. My signature indicates only that I have received a copy of MedEx Direct’s Notice of Privacy Practice,
not that I have read it or agree with its contents.
Notice of Non-Child Resistant Packaging
Regulations require that we dispense all oral medications in “child-proof” containers or systems. The MedEx Pack strips and dispenser are NOT child resistant. By signing, you indicate that you are requesting a waiver of this regulation and that all medications be dispensed in a “non-child-proof” container or system until further written notice.
MedEx Pack Packaging Responsibilities
I understand that receiving the MedEx Pack requires me to be involved in managing my medications. I will notify pharmacy staff members within an appropriate time period when my medications are changed, discontinued or when a new medication will start. I will work with MedEx Direct to determine the most appropriate start date to begin using the MedEx Pack to minimize wasting drugs that I currently have in my possession and to minimize insurance charges.
Terms of Benefits
The signed resident/patient and/or legally responsible representative authorizes all providers of medical/drug benefits to the resident to pay MedEx Direct directly for any benefits that the resident is entitled to for the services and products provided by MedEx Direct; authorizes MedEx Direct to release medical information related to the patient’s care to the patient’s providers of medical or drug benefits so that MedEx Direct can receive payment; and understands and agrees that, where permitted by law, he or she is personally responsible to pay MedEx Direct for any services or products that are not paid for by the provider of any available medical or drug benefits.
*Signature of Patient or Responsible Party    *Date (ex. xx/xx/xxxx)
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